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hedera bauwert GmbH

Creating value –
for Berlin


hedera bauwert GmbH is a property and project developer for new, owner-occupied residential building projects.

We also develop and build high-grade commercial spaces. We develop commercial concepts, revitalise vacant properties and construct new commercial buildings.

As a property developer, hedera bauwert GmbH’s range of services covers the entire value-added process of project development and realisation. This process covers everything intrinsic to a project: purchasing land and properties, developing construction law solutions, coordinating all of the project participants and complete construction-technical handling. Finally, our expert marketing team is responsible for selling the newly created properties.

hedera bauwert GmbH creates new value for owners, residents and people running businesses, and in doing so it carefully considers the dynamics of urban development, exercises economic foresight and has a deep awareness of current challenges.


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