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Everyone contributes – but it’s the team that really matters

hedera bauwert projektteam GmbH is the heart of operative project management. It performs and monitors all the processes from start to finish. It coordinates the various planning teams needed to carry out a project. It creates new solutions for the Berlin real estate market by working together with those responsible for each project, such as financers, architects, craftsmen and the building authorities.

Experienced staff with deep market knowledge work together at hedera bauwert projektteam GmbH. They manage the projects entrusted to them with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. They implement all of the processes in the areas of planning and conceptual design, taking into account current and future needs. That is how the requirements of new ESG guidelines are incorporated into each project – with care and sensitivity.

The team acts on its own initiative and follows the data to identify opportunities and risks in the course of each project. The focus is on optimum project implementation in terms of time, budget and – above all – quality.

hedera bauwert GmbH is responsible for the entire process of developing new owner-occupied apartments in Berlin’s most attractive locations. This process encompasses financing, project development, planning, realisation and sale.

Its subsidiary hedera bauwert projektteam GmbH offers all of the services of the operative project process along this value chain. It coordinates the various planning teams needed to carry out a project and is responsible for the necessary work structures.

An overview of all the departments:


This is where incoming offers are examined and evaluated: should a building or plot be purchased?

Project development

This area is responsible for the entire creation process: from building law, to land-use plans, to the development of a property.

Project management

The entire project management team ensures that planning is implemented and that the structural and technical aspects of the project are realised. It is responsible for monitoring and adhering to budgets, deadlines and quality levels.


The sales team plans and coordinates all of the activities from the start of sales, to certification and handing over to Aftersales. It supports customers throughout the entire sales process.


Aftersales responds to the buyer’s wishes and design ideas and carries out the subsequent handover to the customer. Suitable materials and equipment are selected together with the customer.


Funding covers all aspects of project financing and is assisted by Controlling.


Controlling analyses whether projects are within their specified duration, budget and quality. Taking ESG guidelines into account, it evaluates these three criteria each quarter in a project report, which is checked for plausibility by independent project supervisors.


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